s n u g g l e s with Dock-A-Tot ||


We are all about finding ways to get our babies to sleep (amiright?!). As a mom, I will try anything to catch some z’s, as long as it’s safe + effective for my babes. We partnered with Dock-A-Tot and were gifted their deluxe plus baby lounger to see if we could keep Nora happier and more comfortable for naptime & relaxing time. 

This beautiful lounger is perfect for co-sleeping, playtime, and travel. I love the versatility of this product. Not only can it be used for all these different things, it comes in so many fun prints/ covers, as well as basic, colors for us neutral lovers. It’s so easy to use, and easy to take the cover off to wash it because #momlife.

s l e e p i n g ||

This product has been our saving grace on the occasional “I don’t want to nap” day. If it was a long night the night before, mama doesn’t mind trying to catch a nap, herself. I’ll place Nora in the Dock-a-Tot up on the bed with me and the closeness + comfortability helps her fall asleep and stay asleep more than her usual 20 minute cat naps in her crib. The Dock-a-Tot helps her feel enclosed and comfortable, and I love that I can place her right next to me & nurse her if needed.

p l a y t i m e ||

The Dock-a-Tot has the coolest features! With the deluxe plus, you can purchase a play gym + toys separately that actually attaches to the Dock-a-Tot, so little one can lounge and play! You can put it on, or take it off – whenever you want! Such a cool feature. This is also great when you take your Dock-a-Tot on trips. No separate packing a million toys, play gyms, pack n’ play’s, etc – you’ll have it all in one item!

Even if you decide not to purchase the play gym, they can still play + lounge just fine. Sometimes, I will just lay Nora in the Dock-a-Tot and let her kick her legs & coo while I sit next to her and talk to her. If I have to walk away to do something, I know she is safe and can lay there and play. As she gets older, I will likely set her in there with a teething toy or something to keep her happy + occupied – she will be all set!

t r a v e l ||

This is another great feature of the Dock-a-Tot – it is so easy to travel with! They send it with a portable bag that makes it super easy & convenient to pack. They also insert a piece of cardboard in the bottom that you can use to help it keep it’s shape when traveling. The great thing that I was talking about earlier is that it really can serve as  a bed/ lounge area for baby, play gym, and place to set baby down comfortably when you need free arms for a minute. That takes away having to pack a play gym, pack n’ play, boppy lounger, etc. It’s such a time saver and would be an amazing gift for a frequently traveling family.


All in all, I love this lounger & it’s given me so much more free time, because she loves it too! The cover comes off and is machine washable, because let’s be real- what baby isn’t going to spit up while playing & what toddler isn’t going to wipe their orange cheeto fingers on sister’s Dock-a-Tot? Can you tell neither of those things have ever happened to me? Ha. I linked the Dock-a-Tot above, but you can also use this link here to receive $10 off your order. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!



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