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Mealtime with a toddler is always a challenge. Always. Whether they’re refusing to eat, or throwing their plates/food/etc, you always feel like you need to be watching them. Avanchy has helped give me a little bit of my freedom back during Cam’s mealtime (s).

Their dishware is perfect for toddlers and kids. It’s made of bamboo & is absolutely environmentally friendly. It’s super sustainable and safe as well. The dishes all have a suction on the bottom to prevent toddlers from picking up (and in my case throwing) their plates, thus making mealtime much less stressful on us mamas. It’s super easy- you just put the plate on the high chair table (or regular table) and push down. The bottom part will automatically suction!



All of their dishes come in different colors to meet all your kitchen needs. I wish I could stock my entire kitchen in their dishware, it’s so simple, yet so effective. Cam absolutely loves their spoons as well. They’re eco-friendly, super easy to wash, and kid-friendly (what else can you ask for!)?

We love making meals together (he’s so helpful, ha!) and eating together as a family. This brand has been a serious game-changer for us, as we can relax while we eat (sort of) and not have to worry about Cam throwing his plate when he’s “finished”. It also helps if he’s hungry before we’re able to sit down together and eat as a family. Snacks are super easy with Avanchy products as well. Cam LOVES and I mean loves yogurt. I will scoop some into the Avanchy toddler bowl and feel fine turning my back to continue cooking our dinner. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have cleaned up yogurt from thrown bowls #boylife. Seriously, guys Avanchy has saved our mealtimes! They can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath and Beyond, Avanchy, Amazon, etc!

*This post is sponsored by Avanchy, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

xx karrie

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