starting off the new year one way: refreshed

I told myself that one of the biggest things I wanted to do after Christmas was tear down all of the holiday decor (SO unlike me) and start off the new year refreshed. I love it when my house is clean and bright, but still cozy and calm. Anderson Lilley reached out to see if they could help with this new year’s resolution, and boy did they!

refreshing scent

The place in our house that we spend the most time is our living room (aka couch hangs). Anderson Lilley gifted me the most pleasant candle in their most popular scent, “Manhattan Beach”. I didn’t know what to expect when they sent it. I am not one who likes beachy, floral, or even cologne-type scents> especially when I am pregnant. I cannot say enough about how good this candle smells and the perfect word to describe it is refreshing.

Therefore, I decided to put the candle in our living room so that I can enjoy watching it burn (seriously, what’s more relaxing than that) while I nurse the baby on the couch after she arrives. I am loving it! I want to light it every time I put Cam down for a nap so that I can have some “me” time, but I want to save it for when baby girl gets here as well. I honestly think that it would make the perfect gift for any woman, but especially a new mama. The company sent me a matching lotion that I will absolutely be packing in my hospital bag as well. Not only is the lotion super nourishing for my dry winter skin, it smells just as refreshing as this candle. Again, the scent is called “Manhattan Beach”.

I think it’s so important to de-stress at the beginning of a year. It helps you start off with a clean slate and gear up to accomplish what you want to accomplish this year. Our motivation is at an all time high at the beginning of the year! All of the holiday bustle that we prepare for so long is over, the 10 million toys we received for Christmas have found a home in Cam’s new playroom downstairs, mine and baby girl’s hospital bags are packed, and I can finally just enjoy my free time with Cam and wait on the little miss to make her arrival.

What is your favorite de-stressor?
xx karrie

*this blog post was sponsored by Anderson Lilley, but all opinions expressed are my own*

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