what’s in my hospital bag>> second baby

After having Cam and completely overpacking my hospital bag, I realized what is important to bring to the hospital for delivery. I also feel that my years as a mom/baby nurse helps because I know what the hospital already supplies for you. There are so many things you DON’T need, also a couple essentials you don’t want to forget at the same time! I put together a perfect guide for all you mamas-to-be and it’s all about consolidation!

It’s actually something all of us women WAY over-think (especially for the first baby). You think birth is going to be blissful, glamorous, you’ll have your hair and nails done, etc- which CAN be true, sometimes. In reality, you can really go into labor ANY time, so even if you don’t look glamorous (we’re moms, we can fake it till we make it), at least you’ll have all of your essentials packed for the hospital.



I had a c-section with my son, Cam, so I was in the hospital for 3 days (left a day early), and I STILL packed way too much. I had way too many clothes. Like, it was obscene. All you really need is a robe and nightshirt or two, some nursing bras, maybe a pair of yoga pants, and slippers. I am pretty sure I wore my same nightgown 2 out of the 3 days because it was comfortable, nursing friendly, and I was tired. Remember, you’re going to be trying to nurse pretty much around the clock and catch some zzz’s when you get the chance, not put on a fashion show for your nurses. Plus, leave the cute underwear at home because your hospital will supply you with some adorable mesh panties to fit your enormous diaper pads they have you wear #soblissful. If you bring yoga pants, that’s fine, but remember, you JUST had a baby so those XS yoga pants ain’t gonnnnaaa work. The tummy flab stays for a little while, sisters! It is what it is- be realistic.


I will say, it feels SO good to shower for the first time after giving birth. So, I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with packing your favorite toiletries (this is where I would splurge), to make you feel like “you” again. At least to give you some of your dignity. So pack your favorite shampoo, body wash, and lotion if it makes you feel alive! Ain’t no shame in that game. The hospital can supply you with toiletries (including a toothbrush and toothpaste) otherwise! I will probably bring a small case of my makeup essentials (concealer, foundation, mascara, chapstick) just in case I feel up to it and have guests coming. Plus, it’s nice to get a couple pictures of you and baby after birth and not look the way you feel!

MAKEUP CASE + TOILETRIES CASE c/o: Ashley Brooke Designs


I do think it’s necessary to bring proper electronics like a phone charger for your 1,000,000 iphone pictures you will take of your presh bebe, texts of congrats, and phone calls to family. Also- a camera if you have one- for all of those sweet, fresh, yummy newborn moments. Your room will likely have a TV for the random times you need entertainment (give me all the sleep).

hello rewards.. these are important too


Let me tell you.. it’s SO easy to overpack for baby. What is he/she going to wear each day? How many outfits will they go through? How many pictures will I want of them in different outfits? All of these are super valid new mama questions. In reality, they sleep, eat, and poop everywhere the first couple days. Remember, they’re yours! You get to take them home forever, so there will be plenty of time for pictures and outfit changes at home. Bring your adorable “going home outfit” for a majority of the pictures. For the other days, headbands/hats, simple onesies, and your favorite swaddle is likely enough. The hospital will supply newborn t-shirts, blankets to swaddle, & hats if needed. You could use all of their supplies and it wouldn’t make a difference unless you’re wanting pictures in specific outfits, etc. I will probably bring some solid onesies, 1-2 swaddles I like, and 1-2 headbands for baby girl. I will also be bringing a car seat cover because it’s going to be cold leaving the hospital in January.

The hospital will provide diapers, wipes, wash cloths, baby wash, etc for the time that you’re there, so DO NOT bring those items! Total waste of space! If you end up needing to pump for any reason, the hospital can supply you with a breast pump and supplies/bottles/etc for the time you’re there. Once you go home, you can switch to your own pump/supplies. If nipples get sore, they can give you lanolin, hydrogel pads, or APNO- so don’t fret!


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