how to dress up your bar cart for the holidays

I have become obsessed with using my bar cart. I have had it for about 2 years now, and all of a sudden I find myself using it a lot! I originally purchased it for hosting the holidays at our home last year, but I have used it so many times since- it’s too fun and adds so much! I got a lot of questions about our bar cart and how I decorated it for the holidays, so I thought I would share some tips! Mine is extremely simple, so you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg. I styled it two different ways for Christmas, just by switching out a few things- liquor themed and hot chocolate themed. Check it out!



I’ll walk you through the steps to creating your perfect bar cart for the holidays with things you may already have around the home! Check out what you will need below:

Start with the obvious- a bar cart you will love! Base it on what the color scheme in your house is. Ours has a lot of greys, whites, and ivories, but has a lot of modern touches to it. Therefore, I decided to go with a gold one from Target!

Seems strange, but I feel that ever since I got my felt letterboard, it’s been a game changer for my bar cart. It’s so easy to put witty sayings on and attract your guests to check out what’s on the bar cart. Plus, it adds character and is a lot of fun! As you can see in my Halloween themed bar cart, I did not yet have my letterboard. Since I didn’t, I added in a “BOO” chalkboard garland I made that was super quick and easy. I feel like there should be something with words on it, whether it be a letter board, a sign, or a banner by the bar cart. There are so many places to get letterboards, but I will link some.

GARLAND (optional)//
I feel that this is optional, but has the potential to completely set off your bar cart, just depending. The place where I keep our bar cart the most is our huge blank wall between the living and dining room. Since there is nothing in the middle of the two rooms, I feel that it’s necessary to add some type of garland above my bar cart. I have occasionally moved the cart into a different location in our house for outdoor parties, etc, but if it stays in its normal spot, I usually use a garland of some kind. I really feel like it’s based on location. I linked a similar garland to mine below or here.

Super important! Give your guests something to drink out of! If you’re serving champagne- use flutes; wine- wine glasses; moscow mules-copper mugs; hot chocolate- mugs; lemonade + tea- simple glasses.. you get the idea. I actually kept our simple stemless wine glasses out for both Halloween and the Christmas liquor cart because #ilovewine. I would have put champagne flutes out if I could drink, but I can’t right now! I will probably save that for my New Year’s cart anyway. Basically, the point is- use the drinkware that matches the drink. That’s big. And it keeps with the theme. If you’re serving drinks out of a pitcher, (OJ for mimosas, sangria, lemonade, etc) make sure that this is on the cart as well. An ice bucket is another essential for your bar cart. I recommend this instead of putting ice in your pre-made pitcher, as it can water down whatever is in the pitcher. Guests can then add ice as they please.

I guesssss this can be optional, but not really. I feel that having proper drink accessories can be a total game changer. By this, I mean straws, toppers, stir sticks, etc. Adds color and character! For my hot chocolate cart, I made sure to provide mini marshmellows, foam whipped cream, and chocolate stir sticks for guests. For alcohol (depending on the type), I always provide fun straws or stir sticks. It’s also important to provide proper garnishes like lemons or limes for margs, berries for sangria, and mint for moscow mules. You can easily put these in a small cup or bowl next to the glasses.

What do I put on the bottom of the bar cart?
This depends. If you’re expecting a lot of guests, the top can easily become consumed with drinks, garnishes, decor, etc. Sometimes I will put a couple of glasses on the top and then the rest on the bottom with the extra alcohol to make more room on top. It’s very important to keep some drinkware, ice, drinks, and garnishes on top. Whatever is left can go on the bottom! I also put together a fun holiday gift guide for your favorite entertainer, so check it out below!


Any other questions, send them my way!
xx karrie

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