christmas at the locher’s

We are so excited for the holidays this year! Not just because of my obvious obsession with Christmastime, but also because we’ve done some recent home improvements, which makes decorating so much more fun! I absolutely love neutrals, so I decided to stick with a neutral theme upstairs for Christmas decor. There will be more coming to show off our downstairs once it’s all decorated as well. Downstairs we get a real tree, and we are going to do that next weekend after Thanksgiving. Once it’s all decorated and I put the final touches on our mantle, I will be sure to post. Check out what we have set up so far, it’s super fun and different!

I wanted our home to look cozy, but bright and airy as well. I feel like the Christmas tree, lights, blankets, etc give enough warmth, so I wanted to use cool tone colors upstairs! Plus, the faux tree that we put upstairs already has “frosted branches” so neutrals compliment it and makes the “snow look” stand out! I went with silvers, whites, ivory, and gold colors. They compliment each other so well and you can be very simple with it- which is so important to me! Since we have hardwood upstairs now, I wanted to make a cozy spot next to our tree, so I added in a faux fur rug and some fluffy pillows right next to the tree. We can drink our hot chocolate, look at the tree, watch Christmas movies, and open gifts Christmas morning there together. It really tied everything together.

I got a lot of our ornaments at Target over the past couple years. I honestly do not have many on the tree since the pom garland I made & the tree itself does a lot of the work. I also made sure to be REALISTIC and buy the inexpensive shatterproof ornaments in the color scheme I love. I have a toddler. I’m 31 weeks pregnant. I don’t need to be cleaning up shattered glass twice a day #momlife. The pom garland I made was super quick and added a lot to the tree, in my opinion. You can also buy them off of Etsy, Anthropologie, etc.

The dining room I decided to keep super simple, since I have a lot going on elsewhere. I am known for switching things around, so we will see how long it stays this way. I was thinking the eucalyptus garland I have would be beautiful running along the center of the table as well, but it may be too much greenery with the tree so close to our table. We don’t have a ton of room upstairs, so have to make the best of it! I decided to fill our clear cake stand with silver ornaments and put my silver target trees along a linen runner. Used white place settings and gold tableware. Again, super simple + stayed within my color theme.

Honestly, the first thing I decided to do- even before putting up our tree- was decorating our bar cart. It’s so easy to transition through all seasons, and makes for a great gathering spot for guests! I decorated it 2 different ways, since I am pregnant and cannot drink until baby comes in January. First, I did a champagne/wine/liquor setup. Then, I did it as a hot chocolate bar as well! I will do another post with all of the thought behind this, but here are some pictures in the meantime!



I slowly started working on our downstairs as well. It’s not quite finished yet since we still need to go to the tree farm and get our real tree (MY FAVORITE TRADITION!), so I will post more pictures of that soon! Until then, we did a similar cozy setup downstairs fireside. I love decorating our mantle, and I am beyond obsessed with our eucalyptus garland. The garland kind of set the tone for everything else since it’s so beautiful! I get a lot of questions about it and I will be sure to link some similar garlands for you all. Honestly, my mom and I made this garland with greenery and eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby + floral wired in all the pieces together. We had some peonies and roses tied in so that we could use it at my wedding. Now, we decided to take the flowers out and let the greenery shine on its own. I kept it simple by adding in an ivory ball garland, and our white embroidered stockings. Love it!

Again, I kept the setup the same and super cozy with white and ivory pillows, chunky blankets, and hot cocoa!

I know that was a long post, but if you have any questions about the decor or why I chose certain things, let me know!

xx karrie

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