28 week bumpdate


Okay- I asked if you all wanted to see another bumpdate and majority said yes! I’m still being a total slacker letting 8 weeks go by since my last, but life is busy! We have had some crazy ups and downs the past couple weeks that I’ll disclose at a later time, but for now I do have something SO exciting to share about this pregnancy (well for me it is)! 


weeks// 28

cravings// still more salty foods like burgers, fries, Mexican, but Halloween has me eating ALL the candy

aversions// not really anymore

belly button// way out

gender// GIRL

carrying high or low// still low and I’m feeling it

movement// absolutely, especially at night!

nausea// not anymore!

maternity pictures// not doing them this time.. saving up for newborn/family pictures instead!

gestational diabetes// NOPE! NEGATIVE! Passed my 1 hour test and couldn’t be more excited!

latest purchases// gosh, I honestly don’t even know how to shop for a girl, but I will slowly figure it out. Lately, I’ve gotten her a bunch of headbands and turbans

favorite maternity wear lately// living in my Zella high waisted leggings, joggers, and anytime I wear jeans I HAVE to have my bella band on

I feel like this pregnancy is just flying by since I now have Cam to keep me occupied. I was telling a coworker that I remember how much I monitored everything with my first pregnancy and even had the “your baby is the size of a…” app, but not this time. I feel guilty sometimes because I should cherish every moment, and I do, I am just trying not to take too much attention off of Cam. This is going to be a huge change for him when she arrives. Any tips you guys have to make his transition easier, please share!!

xx karrie


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