cam’s first fiesta

Cam’s first fiesta was by far one of the best days ever! First of all, he is an (early) June baby, so the weather was perfect; but the theme was EVERYTHING! I am so not a “theme girl”, but can you go wrong with cactuses, tacos, and colorful decor? No. No you cannot. Mexican Fiesta, it is! Check out this fun day!

I absolutely loved this entire day from the preparation, to the decorations, to the food. We wanted to keep it somewhat cheap and easy because it’s a FIRST birthday (and I was 6 weeks pregnant, nauseated + tired as can be). I seriously pinned ideas for months and finally decided to do a theme that was fun for Cam, but also something all of our guests would enjoy. Who doesn’t like mexican?!

I wanted the decor to be fun. I feel like a big “part” of first birthdays now-a-days is the background. I knew I wanted something bright and colorful (duh, have you EVER been to a Mexican restaurant?!). Cam loves balloons and I also LOVE big gold balloons that spell things>> totally random, I know. I decided to put up balloons that spelled “uno” and cut some crepe paper for the background. 

The indoor decorations were pretty minimal. Cam is a boy, so I wanted to keep it somewhat basic. I laid out some cactuses near the food and had some easy grey tablecloths with gold tableware as well. I did use some of my seagrass placemats under the food, too. I made all of the banners by hand. My absolute favorite is obviously the birthday hat banner above the drink bin. It was super easy to make and made me smile constantly. I totally saved it and I’m using it for ALL upcoming events/birthdays for Cam (sorry, bud!).

For food we obviously kept it fiesta-related, and we really outdid ourselves. We did keep the display simple and kept all of the meat in crockpots to keep the food warm, which I wasn’t a huge fan of (look-wise), but it did the trick. I’m realistic, people. We started with a base- chips, soft shell, or hard shell tortillas. Then you pick your meat- we made 3 types of meat for tacos- pulled chicken, beef, and pulled pork. We had all the fixins with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, guac, onion, jalepenos, etc. It was SO good! For dessert we had cupcakes and icing cactus cookies. I made cam’s “smash cake” myself. I just kept it fun with a funfetti cake, buttercream icing, and sprinkles! We had a taco pinata for the kids & Mexican beer, margs, and water for the adults- total win/win.

It was such a fun day! Its nuts how much us mamas freak out to make this day perfect, when all the kid wants to do is eat food and smash a cake! I think it was absolutely worth it, even worth the stress! Cam may forget this day ever happened, but I sure won’t!

*All of the sources are at the bottom of the post.


invitations// ef designs (etsy)

background crepe paper// carte fini

gold ‘uno’ balloons// oh shiny paper co

cupcakes// jilly’s cupcakes

cactus cookies// schulte’s cookies

banners// all DIY

tablecloths+silverware// dollar tree

cam’s outfit// top: carter’s, suspenders: little mister

my dress// vici dolls



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