our big shock// we’re pregnant (again!)

pregnancy announcement

Okay, so I know I have been MIA lately, but this little surprise has been kicking my butt! We are pregnant, again! I have been exhausted, nauseous, and sick on and off. Every day is a different story. Plus, I am trying to chase around a toddler, so that has been an interesting journey. I cannot imagine what it’ll be like with two. I. am. terrified.

However, I have been so grateful for all of the love and support when we announced we are joining the 2 kids under 2 years club! I got a lot of questions about our announcement and the surprise, how it happened, were we trying, etc, so now I will take some time to explain everything.

As many of you know, I had been nursing Cam since he was born. I nursed Cam a ton when he was little ( I swear he ate every 1.5 hours sometimes during the day), it kind of became by go-to for everything. Hungry, tired, sick, fussy>> I nursed. Usually, the more you nurse, the more your fertility holds off. Some women get it back (even breastfeeding mamas) at 3 months, and some don’t get it back until they stop nursing completely. I believe I was one of the women who wouldn’t resume monthly cycles until I completely quit nursing- but we’ll never know! Even though I knew better, I kind of used breastfeeding as birth control. I know, I know, shame shame. But, we didn’t really want to think about another baby until Cam was around 2. I never had a cycle after having Cam. Around 10 months, I started dropping pumping and nursing sessions because I had a large freezer stash of my pumped breastmilk that would get him through 1 year. This must be when it all happened.

I had an upcoming procedure where I would be lightly sedated, so my OBGYN told me to take a pregnancy test the night before the procedure since I didn’t have any cycles to track. He said they would also run my urine the day of. My procedure was scheduled for a Wednesday. Tuesday morning, I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative, as expected. I went along my merry way and prepared for the next day. I went to check in for my procedure, was brought down to pre-op, had my IV placed, gown on, etc. I was answering health history questions with the nurse, and in the meantime, the medical assistant was running my urine in another room. The medical assistant came in the room and asked to speak with the nurse outside. I just figured it was about another patient and continued talking with my husband. The nurse came back in our room and was acting super strange. Finally, she said “umm, ma’ am, you have a faint positive” and I immediately shot back “on my pregnancy test??”. She turned to me and said “yes, but don’t worry we had a 49 year old get 2 faint positives the other day, so it may be false”. Talk about a whirlwind. They ended up drawing my blood and found out that it was, in fact, real. This must have read positive the MOMENT it could show up on a test. I seriously felt like I was in a movie or a dream. Sometimes I still don’t believe it. This was completely unexpected, but we are so blessed to add to our family and give Cam a sibling so close in age!

I will start doing some weekly or monthly “bumpdates” since you all are asking. I am still trying to get back into the grind first! Here is a little bit of information so far!


Weeks: 14ish? (Dates have been off due to no cycles to track)

How are you feeling: Nauseous and Exhausted, no “burst of energy,” yet!

Gender: Don’t know!

Belly Button in or out: so far, it’s in, but I know it’ll poke out soon

Cravings: Fast food and salty foods (grrreat)

Aversions: Sweets, any kind of meat that’s not on a taco

Feeling movements: Not quite yet

Carrying high or low: Can’t really tell quite yet, just poking out


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