how to style overalls like a boss

overalls mom and baby

The overall trend is back! I’m sure I will get mixed reviews (which is fine), but for those of you interested in taking a risk, or just glad the trend is back>>read on!

I am not going to lie, I am a totally 90’s kid, and absolutely loving that the overall trend is back. I think they look so much better than they used to! Many of them have been designed with a “skinny” fit, just like our favorite skinny jeans. I feel like they really are a “mom win” because they’re easy to wear, stretchy, comfortable, and easy to nurse in if you’re nursing!

I actually think they are super fun to style, and very simple. You can pair them with a basic tee of any color and some sneaks + cardigan for a more casual look. Or, if you wanted to dress them up, you could pair them with a wide sleeved tank or cute top, and a pair of fun sandals or heels! I am more of a “basics” girl, so I usually style overalls more casually (basic tee + sneaks). When it’s colder out, I will do a long sleeved basic tee or even a chunky sweater under the overalls.

There are quite a few super cute pair of overalls out currently. I absolutely love these from Madewell, but found a much cheaper option here. I love that they have a bottom inner slit. It makes your legs look so great, and it’s a fun little twist! What do you all think about the overall trend?

xx karrie

overalls mom and baby

overalls mom and baby


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