how to dress boho-chic this spring

boho chic top

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I love the boho-chic trend. You just cannot go wrong with flowy tops, distressed denim, and open toe shoes + booties. I absolutely love it for so many reasons! There really are only 3-4 steps to dressing boho-chic, without going overboard. Check out how easy it is! 

1. Flowy Tops>> This is a must! I absolutely love flowy tops paired with distressed denim (jeans or white). The material of these tops are so lightweight and airy, which makes them perfect for spring! Check out my favorites here:

2. Distressed Denim>> You can use regular jeans, or white jeans for spring. Some people even like wearing colored jeans with their flowy tops- it’s totally up to you! I feel like having distressed jeans makes it a little more “boho chic” than non-distressed, but again, up to you! Check out my favorites here:

3. Open-toe shoes>> You just cannot go wrong with open-toe anything in the spring. I love that you still get some coverage on your feet, as it may not be quite hot enough for sandals where you live, but still get an open feel with the shoe. I love pairing my boho-chic outfit with mules or lace up wedges. Check out my top picks here:

4. Accessories>> I am always sporting my gold jewelry with boho-chic outfits. I never go out without my ear crawlers and double horn necklace! However, I think it is also fun to pair a wide-brimmed hat with these types of outfits, to really finish off the boho-chic vibe. Check out my favorites here:

I hope this helps in creating the perfect boho-chic outfit for spring for you all! I listed off different price points in all of the linked items. It is a very pretty, but simple and practical outfit. I really feel that any girl can pull this off- no matter your style, size, or lifestyle. I am an on the go mama (as many of us are) and feel that this outfit makes me feel put together, but is something I can usually run around in with Cam.

boho chic top

boho chic top


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