layering dainty gold jewelry pieces

gold jewelry

A while back I posted about some of my favorite dainty gold jewelry on instagram. It’s so easy to change up frequently and layer different pieces, which is one of my favorite things to do!  know that dainty gold jewelry looks good on everyone, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you all and explain how I like to layer pieces.

Necklaces>> I love layering dainty gold necklaces. I think it can really add to an outfit, even though it’s minimal. I usually do a shorter chain necklace or chocker, then layer a medium and/or long necklace on top of that. My absolute staple necklace that everyone keeps asking about is this double horn medium-length necklace. It is sold out everywhere except the link I just supplied above. I love it and receive so many compliments on it. Plus, it’s under $30. Sometimes, I will do a long lariat necklace as well. Here are some of my favorite necklaces to layer.

Rings>> I absolutely love wearing rings! Especially when you have a great mani, it can really stand out! I always wear my wedding + engagement rings on my left hand, along with an engraved ring with Cam’s name and birth date on it. So, I usually like to add a ring or two to my empty right hand! A lot of times I will wear rings on my thumb or pointer finger on my right hand. I absolutely love stacking them as well! Here are some of my favorite rings.

Earrings>> I never used to be a big “earring person”, but that has changed DRASTICALLY once I discovered my favorite earring trend: ear crawlers. I am so obsessed with ear crawlers- I have a couple pair! These are my favorite that I wear constantly. They really stand out, but aren’t too big and crazy, which I love. They also stay in place very well compared to some others I have tried. Here are my faves

gold jewelry

ear crawlers

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