7 most useful and useless baby shower gifts

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Ok, so we all know that there are gifts people register for when they have their first baby that make you scratch your head>> is this really necessary? I’ve had my own baby shower, but I’ve also been an attendee at plenty of them as well. I have gathered a list of things that make me say “ohmygosh, yes! I need these!” and a list that makes me think “um, really? “. Of course, we’re not listing off diapers + wipes + carseats (the essentials); these are items a lot of people don’t think of right off the bat. I think this would be great to look at before registering for your own baby shower, or buying a gift for another mama-to-be.

Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

boppy lounger>> Not the regular boppy (though, I am obsessed with that, too). This is for any time your arms need a break and you just want to set baby down right by you.

sound machine>> I thought this was all taboo. Nope, we are still using this sucker every time Cam naps or sleeps at 8.5 months old. Kid’s obsessed, and has slept in his crib since 6 weeks old through the night, like a charm. THANK YOU white noise (and whoever gave me this)!

diaper caddy>> Why? Because I’m lazy. Kidding, but if it saves you from walking all over your house to go change your baby in the nursery EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. they poop or pee (which is a lot), I will take it! I keep mine in my living room so that when our family is hanging out, I can change Cam right then and there. I keep diapers, wipes, and diaper cream in there. Throw in some hand sanitizer too, and call it a day.

baby carrier/wrap>> Lifesaver. If you ever want to be able to get up and do anything, register for one of these. My favorite in the newborn period was my Solly Baby wrap. As Cam gets older and faces outward, I love my Ergobaby.

5. nursing cover>> I can’t tell you how lame this sounded to me at first. I use it constantly, people. Your baby does not look at the clock to decide when they want to eat. Cam nursed ALL THE TIME. So, I decided that if I wanted to step foot out of the house, I better needed to take this with me. My favorite is my Milk Snob cover. Plus, it has a variety of other uses you can read about here.

6. Nose Frida>> Ok. Sick of people saying this is gross. Good luck trying to use a bulb syringe with a fussy, congested, rolling 8 month old. Seriously, good luck. I, too, thought this thing would be gross and it’s been a HUGE lifesaver in the middle of the night. I would buy this thing for ANYONE. Obviously, get the filters to change out as well. SNOT is NOT going to get in your mouth, so chill.

7. cloth diapers>> No, not for cloth diapering (yay for Pampers!). These were the BEST burp/puke/spit up/everything else rags. You don’t need to register for or spend money on cute pretty burp rags- come on, they’re for boogers and puke. These are so soft and so cheap.

Most Useless Baby Shower Gifts

1.wipe warmer>> I never received one, but I have friends who have and never used it. I mean, what do you do when you’re out of the house with you baby and have to change them? Babies don’t like their diaper changed whether you use a cloud or sandpaper (kidding, but really). I don’t think cold or warm wipes make a difference.

2.bottle sterilizer>> I do understand the point of this, but I can’t see myself ever using one. Just wash the bottles and put them in the dishwasher. #momlife

3.bottles>> Don’t gift these. Babies can be so picky about which bottles they like or don’t like, so let mama deal with figuring this out. If you buy a bunch of same brand bottles, and the baby won’t take it- mama’s left with a bunch of useless bottles.

4.formula>> Again, let mama figure this out. She may not know if she’ll be nursing or formula feeding. Even if she does know, babies can be picky with the type of formula they take. Or, they may need a specialized formula. Just leave this to mama.

5.pacifier wipes>> Yep, there is such a thing. Why? I’m not sure. Cam never took a pacifier, but if he did, you bet I wouldn’t be using these. If you were wiping off the pacifier every time it falls on the ground or out of the baby’s mouth, you’d be going through these wipes as fast as diapers. No one has the time or money for that. Instead, try some cute pacifier clips that keep the pacifier attached to baby at all times.

6.nursery wall art>> You may be surprised by this one, but I’m for real! I was super picky about my nursery and I know a lot of other moms are too. If they don’t register for nursery decor, don’t buy it. Trust me, us mamas get tunnel vision when planning the room our sweet babe will live in- leave it to us to fill this space, it’s part of the preparation fun!

7. squirting bath toys>> So random on this list, and so cute, but these scare me! We had some that we actually purchased ourselves for Cam. I noticed that they started to smell. I cut one open and there was mold in there! No thank you. I was diligent about making sure these did not have any water left in them after his baths, but you know you cannot get every drop of water out of them. There are so many other great bath toys out there- just avoid the squirting ones where water can get inside!

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