our favorite Henry + Bros blanket

We absolutely love our Henry+Bros blanket! This thing has been such a lifesaver. Everywhere we go, we absolutely have to bring it “just in case”- and always end up using it! There are so many reasons that we can’t live without this HUGE blanket…

I have many blankets for Cam, but I have never come across a blanket like this one. Especially now that Cam is bigger and more active, swaddles just don’t do the trick. I needed something bigger since he’s rolling and trying to crawl. This Henry+Bros blanket is incredibly soft, breathable, lightweight, and huge! The material is different than the muslin swaddles that everyone has, it’s made with cotton fibers that make it so soft and snuggly! Cam likes to hold onto this blanket while he naps and it just melts my heart.

We love taking this blanket to the park and letting Cam sit and play with his toys, or crawl around without getting (too) dirty! I also use it to cover him up when it gets a little too breezy. It will be so perfect for crisp spring days. If you live near a beach, it would be the perfect beach blanket for your little ones. I seriously can’t get over how big it is>>obsessed!

I think that this blanket would make the perfect gift for any mom-to-be, or current mamas in your life as well (trust me, they will thank you!) When you’re able to get more than one type of use out of a product, it’s a huge win in any mom’s book. Versatility is key.

This specific blanket is called the Toddler Blue Stripe 56″x56″ blanket. And as a bonus, we are giving one away on my Instagram page! Head over to my Instagram and follow the instructions to enter and win one of these blankets for you + your little one. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to enter and you will not regret it!

*this post is sponsored, but all opinions expressed are my own

xx karrie

henry and bros blanket



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