cam’s neutral nursery

Crib neutral nursery

I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me to post more pictures of Cam’s neutral nursery. I decided it was now a good time to show you all! 

We knew we were having a baby boy since I was about 15 weeks pregnant, but I still wanted to do a neutral nursery. There were 2 reasons for this: One, I love neutrals. Second, I wanted to do a neutral nursery so that when Cam is older and moves into another room in our house for his “big boy room”, we will have a neutral nursery for our second baby. This way, even if we have a girl, we will be able to build off of a neutral palette and add in some soft pinks (or soft blues again, depending on the gender). We won’t have to repaint and re-do the entire nursery for the next baby, which keeps more money in our pocket.

With a neutral nursery palette in mind, we decided to paint the nursery a very light grey with white + wood furniture and accents. I decided to add in some wood pieces at the end to warm the nursery up a little bit and give it a little masculinity.

Crib: For the crib, I knew I wanted a spindle crib because I love the look of it and didn’t want to spend $1000 on my “dream crib”, which was a wooden one from Restoration Hardware. We decided to go with this crib from Pottery Barn Kids. I loved the color and look of it, and snagged it when it was on sale right after the holidays. It looks perfect with the dark grey crib skirt and burt’s bees fitted sheet. 

Changing Table/ Dresser: For the dresser, I wanted it to be white to brighten up all of the grey in the room. I actually had my eye on this dresser from IKEA for my master bedroom, but decided to get it for Cam’s nursery instead. It seriously makes for the perfect changing table! It is pretty tall, so you’re not bending over to change baby, and it is BIG, so you can put necessities on top (changing pad, diapers, wipes, lamp, etc.). It can get messy sometimes, so I didn’t want to mess with having to open + dig around drawers if I had a hand full of poop (don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you..). I bought the bronze wire basket from Home Goods and it is perfect for holding our diapers! I usually keep all of the lotions + simple onesies and socks in those small top drawers.  The small gold lamp on the changing table is from IKEA for only $15. The hedgehog planter is from West Elm and I placed an “air fern” plant from IKEA in it.

The wooden wall shelf was added towards the end of our nursery prep. It is from Target and I placed a couple things on it to add a little decor, without cluttering his room. The gold “hello” sign is from West Elm, the lamb is from Pottery Barn kids (along with most of his other stuffed animals), and the clock was another Home Goods find. The small plant in the planter is from IKEA (pretty sure I have about 10 of those scattered throughout my house). I love the way this looks!

The corner wood floor lamp is from Target. The small rocker was an antique find that my dad reupholstered for Cam>> perfect keepsake that I absolutely love. There is also a small basket holding swaddles that’s from TJ Maxx and adds more masculinity to the room.

The wall of bookshelves we made was a fun DIY project. The actual shelves are wooden spice racks from IKEA. I spray painted them white, hung them on the wall, and put books in them to make our own bookshelves. The crayon “C” above the bookshelves was a gift from my grandpa that he made himself>>he is so proud, we love it!

We absolutely love the way his nursery turned out, and we are excited to share it with you! It’s perfectly cozy and calm, and Cam sleeps like a baby! I really do believe that calm colors make them sleep better!

Do you prefer a gender neutral nursery, or gender specific?

xx karrie

Wood shelf neutral nursery


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  1. Hi! I’ve been wondering what you used as your changing pad and how did you attach it to the dresser? We’ve been eyeing this dresser for our little one, but didn’t know how to “convert” it to a changing table! 🙂

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