how to layer different ways with one piece

One thing that is super important to me is having pieces that you can work with through all seasons aka>> layering pieces. I feel that if I am going to spend a good amount of money on something, it better get me through a variety of outfits. I also love neutrals and basic pieces to keep. Basics will never go out of style, and that is something I always keep in the back of my head when I am shopping. I seem to always gravitate to anything simple + grey.

I have had my eye on this tank for so long. I love the way it can be styled or layered with anything>> underneath sweaters in the winter, by itself in the summer, or with a cardigan in the spring + fall. It also looks great with jeans + leggings, which are 2 things I live in. I thought about purchasing the tank for about 2 months and finally took the plunge a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you, it was so worth it. I have worn this so much already and always get people asking where it’s from.

With this piece, I started testing out some different ways to layer it while we are still in the cold winter months. The tank, itself, is white with grey polka dots all over and ruffles at the bottom. It is the perfect basic piece with a classic girly flare! It is a silky material, which makes it super easy to layer underneath other pieces. The bottom ruffles look so cute peaking out from underneath a cozy off the shoulder sweater. I think it also looks great paired with a cardigan.

Again, it is so important to have steady, basic pieces in your closet. It makes putting together outfits so much easier and gives you more versatility in your wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I think you need a couple of standout pieces in your closet, but I definitely stick to basics for the most part. This tank is definitely a keeper, and one of my new favorites!

What is your favorite way to layer pieces?

xx karrie

layers under sweater grey

layers under sweater grey

layers under cardigan

layers under cardigan

layers under cardi

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