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holiday wreath greenery


I absolutely love decorating our house for the holidays. This year I really wanted some thin, whispy, evergreen holiday wreaths that I had seen all over HGTV and pinterest. The problem was, they were either way too expensive, or I didn’t like the ones I found for a reasonable price.

I was walking through Lowe’s searching for a rosemary tree and stumbled upon a huge bundle of evergreen. It smelled amazing, so I decided to buy it and try to make my own. This was one of my best ideas! The greenery was $12 for about 10 feet. I used maybe 2 feet to make each of my wreaths, so I was left with about 6 feet that I used as a garland on our mantle.

The holiday wreaths were extremely easy to make. All I did was cut about 2 ft of garland and twirl it over itself to make a circle. I then used floral wire to “tie” it together>>super easy. I put each holiday wreath on our big by window in the kitchen and it looked perfect.

I love coming up with new ideas, and learning some from all of you! What holiday DIY hacks do you guys have?

xx karrie

holiday wreath greenery

holiday wreath greenery and boots


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