the perfect spread


meat and cheese spread

I am all about having fun with food. Life’s short and food is one of my favorite things- so I indulge. I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration for the perfect meat + cheese spread. I wanted it to look basic + simple, but have foods that people (including 3 kids) actually want to eat.  

My husband loves deer sausage and had some frozen from last year’s deer season. We decided to build on that for our meat + cheese spread. We purchased a couple different types of cheese, olives, pickles, etc for some flavor, but added in a couple of twists. We decided to include some “hot ham and cheese pinwheels” and “candy bacon weenies” to add a little warmth.

We used kraft paper (found at Michael’s) for the base and just drew arrows to the items with the name of each specific food. This makes for a fun and easy-going party! I am looking forward to doing this again. What’s your go-to party spread?

xx karrie

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