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After going through a lot of trial and error with pumping, I would love to let you mamas in on a couple tips I’ve learned. I went back to work at 12 weeks postpartum and it was rough. Cam rarely had bottles before my return to work, and I was nervous about not nursing him constantly #momguilt. I had issues with oversupply the first couple of months postpartum, but it slowly began working itself out. A couple months later I noticed that my supply was dipping a little bit. I was pumping 3 times per day at work during my 8 hour day job. Being a previous mother/baby nurse I knew that the more your breasts are “empty”, the more milk your body will create. It’s all about supply and demand. If you’re constantly removing milk from your breasts, it signals your body to make more>> so I nursed + pumped more to keep them “empty” (your breasts are never TRULY empty).

I started throwing in an extra pumping session at work when I could and pumping at home when Cam went to bed. I also started taking the Honest Company Lactation Plus supplement (2 pills once per day). It made a HUGE difference. I noticed a huge increase if I pumped after nursing Cam while I was home as well. This was quite a task; but, it worked. However, nothing can remove milk from your body better than a baby, so nursing was ALWAYS my number one option if I was with Cam. Still to this day, if he’s with me, I will always nurse him before giving him a bottle of pumped milk.

I know a lot of people eat lactation cookies and oatmeal, drink lots of water, etc, but that never seemed to make a difference for me. I am just sharing what worked for US. Do you mamas have any tips or tricks to help with your supply? We’d love to hear!

xx karrie

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