how to wear dresses with sneakers- yes, sneakers!

If there is one thing I am-it’s realistic. I already consider myself a “busy mom” and Cam just started crawling! I know that I will be way busier as the years progress>> between working, errands, and soccer games I know we will be a very busy family! Therefore, I have to tailor my outfits to look good, but also be practical for my lifestyle. Read More

karrie the trend x brickyard buffalo

One thing I love to do is shop>>what woman doesn’t? I am always searching for great deals from cute little shops. I finally stumbled upon Brickyard Buffalo, and now it’s a weekly go-to!  Brickyard Buffalo has become one of my favorite websites over the past year. They always have new items on their website for such a steal. The best part is, all of the items are from small stores or etsy shops, and they’re always a great deal. BB only keeps the items on their website for a certain number of days and they go fast, so it’s important to check often. I love that there isn’t a huge lot for everyone to buy from. If you want it, you have to act fast>> which makes the experience fun!Read More