starting off the new year one way: refreshed

I told myself that one of the biggest things I wanted to do after Christmas was tear down all of the holiday decor (SO unlike me) and start off the new year refreshed. I love it when my house is clean and bright, but still cozy and calm. Anderson Lilley reached out to see if they could help with this new year’s resolution, and boy did they! Read More

how to dress up your bar cart for the holidays

I have become obsessed with using my bar cart. I have had it for about 2 years now, and all of a sudden I find myself using it a lot! I originally purchased it for hosting the holidays at our home last year, but I have used it so many times since- it’s too fun and adds so much! I got a lot of questions about our bar cart and how I decorated it for the holidays, so I thought I would share some tips! Mine is extremely simple, so you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg. I styled it two different ways for Christmas, just by switching out a few things- liquor themed and hot chocolate themed. Check it out! Read More

christmas at the locher’s

We are so excited for the holidays this year! Not just because of my obvious obsession with Christmastime, but also because we’ve done some recent home improvements, which makes decorating so much more fun! I absolutely love neutrals, so I decided to stick with a neutral theme upstairs for Christmas decor. There will be more coming to show off our downstairs once it’s all decorated as well. Downstairs we get a real tree, and we are going to do that next weekend after Thanksgiving. Once it’s all decorated and I put the final touches on our mantle, I will be sure to post. Check out what we have set up so far, it’s super fun and different!Read More

it’s finally fall in our home//

I have been a total slacker when it comes to decorating for the seasons. I am still trying to figure out how to decorate for Halloween and then transition to “fall decor”. It’s so hard, but I need to figure it out, especially with kids in the house now! Since it’s only September, I felt okay starting with some simple fall decor throughout the house until October comes. It’s light, airy, and cozy all at the same time!Read More

the perfect mother’s day gift for any woman


This is my first year celebrating Mother’s Day as a mom and I am so excited! My husband has been asking me about gift ideas, so it got me thinking. There are so many things that you can get the mom in your life, but one of the best gifts is the gift of scents! I love getting candles on any occasion because I use them constantly. Who doesn’t want their home to smell ahhmazing when people walk in? I feel that having a good smelling home is going to leave the best impression on your guests. This is something I have always lived by!   Read More