bears turns t w o ||

Let me just start by asking the typical ‘mom question’- HOW is my baby bears now two? Officially a toddler, and boy, does he act like it. We always call him our sour patch kid because he can be so sweet, and turn so sour in an instant. On the day of his big second birthday, however, he decided to turn on the charm for the most part- which was a welcomed surprise!Read More

c o z y v i b e s with the Ollie Swaddle ||

I have been on the hunt for a good swaddle or sleep sack for some time now. Nora is SO long, she kicks her way out of the traditional blanket swaddles, which makes for super long nights over here. Even as a ‘professional swaddler’ (mom/baby RN), I still cannot keep her in hers, no matter how tight I swaddle her in! It’s amazing what a Houdini she can be. We partnered with the Ollie World & they sent us the Ollie Swaddle to see if we could keep Nora in it for an all-nighter.

I am so happy to report back- she loves it! I had read reviews about how it can instantly calm your baby, and it really does! I thought that was amazing. She seems to fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep longer. This swaddle is a little different than others I have tried, and the features are genius.

e l a s t i c  b a n d ||

With traditional swaddle sacks we tried, she didn’t like that her feet still had so much room at the bottom because she could really move her legs around freely and wake herself up. I love that the Ollie Swaddle has a built in elastic band that you can thread excess swaddle through. This way she can feel like she is ‘bundled in’ tightly, while still having enough room to move around if needed. I have never seen this on a swaddle sack before- such a good idea!

p o s i t i o n i n g ||

It is so important that you swaddle below the shoulders. This way, she can still move her neck and shoulders to get comfortable. I also love that this swaddle grows with your baby. Now that Nora is rolling over, we swaddle her with arms out. Works like a charm!

c o m f o r t ||

The Ollie Swaddle is made with moisture-wicking material, which is so important to us with Nora having reflux. I like that (knowing) she will spit up at some point in the night; the material won’t just soak it in, stay wet, and make her cold. This was a huge selling point for me as well. The other blankets or swaddle sacks I have used just stay wet around her neck and make her cold & can cause a rash or redness in that spot as well. It also works to keep your baby from getting too hot as well, so you don’t have to worry about your little one overheating.

Aside from that, the velcro that comes on the Ollie Swaddle is super durable, and I know it will stay velcro’d together to keep her snug throughout the night. Babies love feeling like they’re in the womb, or in their mother’s arms, so for her to feel safe and snug keeps her happy and asleep- mom win!

You can use my link to shop the Ollie swaddle and try it out for yourself with this link here. This will give you a 10% discount as well, with no code needed. It comes in the cutest keepsake box that I put some of Nora’s accessories in. I hope you love it as much as we do!

xx karrie

n u r s i n g FAQ’s ||

With many of my readers & friends / followers knowing about my nursing career in mother-baby, as well as being a mother, myself, my inbox gets flooded with questions all about breastfeeding. Struggles, triumphs, questions & then some. I am by no means an expert, but so happy to share my advice from personal experience, as well as professional experience with helping new moms.Read More

s n u g g l e s with Dock-A-Tot ||


We are all about finding ways to get our babies to sleep (amiright?!). As a mom, I will try anything to catch some z’s, as long as it’s safe + effective for my babes. We partnered with Dock-A-Tot and were gifted their deluxe plus baby lounger to see if we could keep Nora happier and more comfortable for naptime & relaxing time. Read More

managing l i f e with two under two

Oh my goodness, this was a very highly requested post. Two under two is no joke, here. I hope you all know my intentions are not to write this as a “how to”, but how we are trying to manage life with two kids under two. What’s working for us, and what isn’t. My hope is that maybe I can teach you some tricks, and maybe you can teach me some too!? Read More

nora’s newborn session

We had such an amazing time shooting our baby girl’s newborn session with the lovely ladies at Photogenics! I wanted to share with you a glimpse into our light + airy newborn session with Nora. Her pictures turned out perfectly and Cam was a (pretty) good boy while we were there! Let me know what you all think.Read More

my favorites// baby wraps

Since having Nora, I have been utilizing my baby wraps & carriers MUCH more than I did with Cam. Likely because I am having to chase around a toddler, keep the house clean and laundry (semi) caught up- so I need free hands as much as possible. In documenting all my time spent in baby wraps, I have received so many questions about which ones are my favorite, where to get them, etc so I decided to do a post for you all! Read More

what’s in my hospital bag>> second baby

After having Cam and completely overpacking my hospital bag, I realized what is important to bring to the hospital for delivery. I also feel that my years as a mom/baby nurse helps because I know what the hospital already supplies for you. There are so many things you DON’T need, also a couple essentials you don’t want to forget at the same time! I put together a perfect guide for all you mamas-to-be and it’s all about consolidation! Read More