instastory + snapchat roundup

I received so many questions about products posted in my instastories + snapchat, so I am doing a small roundup for you all! Just click the picture and it gives you direct links to everything without liketoknowit.

winter whites

winter whites

I don’t know who came up with the “don’t wear white after labor day” rule. I love wearing white all winter long! It’s especially easy to wear white during this time of the year, because it transitions so well into spring. If you know how to style white properly, it can be your best friend! 

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karrie the trend x brickyard buffalo

One thing I love to do is shop>>what woman doesn’t? I am always searching for great deals from cute little shops. I finally stumbled upon Brickyard Buffalo, and now it’s a weekly go-to!  Brickyard Buffalo has become one of my favorite websites over the past year. They always have new items on their website for such a steal. The best part is, all of the items are from small stores or etsy shops, and they’re always a great deal. BB only keeps the items on their website for a certain number of days and they go fast, so it’s important to check often. I love that there isn’t a huge lot for everyone to buy from. If you want it, you have to act fast>> which makes the experience fun!Read More

our favorite baby pajamas

favorite baby pajamas

There is just something about a baby in pajamas. I think it’s the cutest thing ever when Cam is freshly bathed in his favorite cozy pjs>>he absolutely LOVES them. I always get so many questions about Cam’s pajamas when I post pictures of them, so I decided to do a little roundup of our favorite baby pajamas! Read More

how to layer different ways with one piece

One thing that is super important to me is having pieces that you can work with through all seasons aka>> layering pieces. I feel that if I am going to spend a good amount of money on something, it better get me through a variety of outfits. I also love neutrals and basic pieces to keep. Basics will never go out of style, and that is something I always keep in the back of my head when I am shopping. I seem to always gravitate to anything simple + grey.Read More

5 basic pieces every woman needs

grey flecked wide brimmed hat

Basics are my absolute favorite pieces of clothes to buy. Everyone has to have 5 different basic pieces that we will chat about. I think that this is imperative because you can easily take basic pieces and style them so many different ways in different outfits. Plus, as a mom, I pretty much live in basics year-round. They’re easy to wear, simple to style, and comfortable>>hello!

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best distressed denim under $100

I have some great picks for the best distressed denim under $100! If you know me (or have seen my instagram) you know that I am obsessed with distressed denim. I have regular, white, black, dark, light, etc. If there is one thing I know, it’s how to find a good pair of jeans.Read More