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We have been slowly revamping & redecorating our space in the Locher house. A lot of you have been very curious about how I am incorporating my simple & neutral, yet somewhat eclectic style into our decor. I wanted to share how things are coming along, & what still needs to be done within our favorite space & the walls of our home.

l i v i n g  s p a c e ||


Had my eye on this steer ‘staredown’ print for almost a year, but did not want to spend $175+ on a picture. Therefore, I took matters into my own thrifty (sometimes) hands. I decided to order the print off of Etsy for $7, get it printed at Walgreens in poster size for $10, then put it in a frame from Ikea for $10. Altogether- $27 versus $175+ was a no brainer, and something I am proud of! I have this gorgeous print as my ‘eye catcher’ on my Ikea picture ledge. I wanted to keep the rest of the shelf neutral to go with the vibes in the living room, but I still wanted it to draw attention, since the wall is so blank. I added in some simple dried eucalyptus (my favorite), a small picture of Cam from when we visited my brother in Arizona, an Ikea placemat, and some other greenery.

Styling this picture ledge is all about staggering different sized images, different greenery, and incorporating pieces you really love. I definitely didn’t want to over-do it, either. Staying simple speaks to me! I also felt that I had so much white & grey throughout my house, that I should switch things up a bit and try out a black shelf instead of white. I am so glad I did this- it gives the room more depth and character. Plus, it really goes well with all the natural & neutral vibes.

One of my favorite pieces that ties together the room is our Lorena Canals rug. It is machine washable- GAME CHANGER for 2 kids and 2 dogs, folks. So easy to run it downstairs and toss it in the washer the day before guests are coming over. I can have it looking and smelling like new in no time, and that makes a world of difference to this mama. This specific rug is called the Berber Beige, and it’s one of their most popular rugs. It has those moroccan vibes & minimalist colors that I love, so I can see why it always sells out.

I love it so much, I even used it for my son’s second birthday party. I washed it, took it downstairs near the party table, and it was the perfect statement piece to go with the decor. It got some food on it during the party, and was so easy to get clean again to place back up in the living room!



I cannot wait to get a new couch, but for now, this one is dog used & toddler stained. However, it’s comfortable and grey- so you win some, you lose some. I decided to keep my living room somewhat basic and timeless with these colors & pieces. I like that I can change simple things like throw pillows, or greenery on the ledge throughout the seasons. Sometimes changing simple things like that can really make a difference in the way your home looks!

d i n i n g  s p a c e ||

The setup of our home is very 80’s & closed-off. Because of this, it’s hard to keep things flowing together. I try to do this with decor, so I went with a simple, but fresh look in the dining room as well. It flows well into the living space and kitchen. I have had this table from West Elm since we bought the house & it’s structured the way I decorate. The upholstered chairs are from Wayfair & the wood chairs are from World Market. The signs are something I have wanted to incorporate for a very long time & I am so glad I did. The light from Ikea ties everything together for the perfect simple, boho-ish vibe. I really love how it is coming together, but there’s a little more left to do!


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