birth story // nora jane

I have been getting a lot of questions about Nora’s birth story since my first delivery with Cam was a c-section. I will start out by saying that Nora’s birth was COMPLETELY different, and I am so glad I have been blessed with 2 very different birth experiences.

First of all, I really had no plan going into her delivery. My doctor and I decided since she was head down, I could either attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), or just schedule a repeat c-section. Since my delivery with Cam was a c-section, delivering the next child vaginally increases your risk for uterine rupture (since you have a scar on your uterus from the c-section). However, I delivered Cam via c-section because he was breech- not because I had a stalled labor or failure to progress during labor, so this makes a difference as well. With all things considered, my doctor and I decided I could attempt a vaginal delivery if I went into labor on my own. If I didn’t go into labor on my own, I was going to be induced on Thursday, January 18 and just go with the flow, see what happens.

On Wednesday January 17, I woke up at 3:20AM with contractions. For some reason, I had a feeling that they weren’t anything, so I tried to go back to sleep. I kept waking every 10-15 minutes with contractions, so I began timing them. They were every 10-15 minutes for about an hour, then switched to every 8 minutes + I lost my mucus plug, then all of a sudden they were every 4-5 minutes and VERY strong around 8AM. Mark called my mom so that she could come over and watch Cam while we went to the hospital. We finally left our house while I was writhing in pain with contractions about 4 minutes apart around 8:35AM. When we got to the hospital, they immediately knew I was in active labor, checked me and I was dilated to 6CM. They admitted me and asked if I wanted an epidural (yes please, duh!).

Once I had my epidural, all was bliss. My husband thought it was amazing how “night and day” it was once I got the magic epidural. At this point, my nurse checked me again and I was about 7.5CM dilated. We sat and watched TV, laughed, and waited for the arrival of our first daughter in peace. When the nurse checked me again, I was about 8CM and the baby was facing up towards my pelvis instead of down at my thigh. Therefore, they had me use a laboring tool called the “peanut ball” to help spin her around the right way for an easier delivery. We did this for about 1.5 hours and then I was complete 10CM when she checked me around 3:00PM. She started setting things up at this point and called my doctor to head our way for delivery. She told me to do a “practice push” and when I did, she told me to STOP immediately. The nurse said that the baby’s head was right there, so I needed to breathe through any pressure I was having so my doctor could make it in time. This was so hard!

Once my doctor showed up and we got ready to start pushing, it was about 3:50PM. I pushed for about 7 minutes and she was here at 3:57PM! They put her immediately on my chest and she began nursing- knowing what to do right away! The experience was so surreal and nothing like what I thought it would be. I had such a great team caring for me all throughout my stay and I couldn’t have pictured my delivery going any better. Nora really is the perfect addition to our family, and Cam is LOVING her- which has me so shocked, but so humble and happy. Kids really can teach you so much about life, it’s amazing.

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