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Since having Nora, I have been utilizing my baby wraps & carriers MUCH more than I did with Cam. Likely because I am having to chase around a toddler, keep the house clean and laundry (semi) caught up- so I need free hands as much as possible. In documenting all my time spent in baby wraps, I have received so many questions about which ones are my favorite, where to get them, etc so I decided to do a post for you all!

+ striped solly

1. why do I need a baby wrap?
// Obviously this is personal preference, but as I stated above- the more kids you have, the more free hands you need! These wraps help keep baby super close to you, which soothes them and makes them feel secure as well. It’s usually super easy to get them to nap in these!

2. what is your favorite wrap?
// I have 2 favorites for different reasons. I absolutely love my Solly Baby Wraps– I have 2. I purchased one from Solly Baby and one from a mama blogger + friend of mine when her little girl outgrew it. I love using these because they are so stretchy & lightweight, but also so incredibly secure for a newborn. I always felt like it was easy to put on and put Nora in quickly. My other favorite wrap is actually a “ring sling” by Wildbird. The material is thicker and very secure- so you are able to wear your baby as they get much older and become a toddler. I actually wore Cam in this a couple times when he was about 17 months old and it worked really well.

3. are they easy to use?
//I will tell you, the Wildbird ring sling is somewhat difficult to learn how to use properly, but once you get the hang of it- they’re amazing! I watched a lot of tutorials on the Wildbird website and practiced as much as I could. It is a thicker, more snug material and makes you feel that baby is very secure. They Solly Baby Wrap is super easy to use. I think I watched a tutorial once and had it down pat. Here are the links I used:
+ solly
+ wildbird

4. they are somewhat expensive- is it worth it?
// The Solly Baby Wrap is around $80. Like I said before, I bought one full price and one from a fellow mama-blogger for less. There are also tons of BST Solly Wraps on Facebook! The Wildbird I purchased from a BST on Facebook and it is perfect. Both of them are absolutely worth the expense. Especially if you’re using it often- you get your money’s worth!

5. can you nurse your baby in a sling?
// YES. They have some tutorials for how to do this safely. I’ve only done this a handful of times with Nora and it’s worked out great- especially when you’re out!

+ ring sling //mine was purchased off a BST site, color is ‘sandpiper’

+ pink solly //mine was purchased from a fellow mama blogger

what’s your favorite sling?
xx karrie

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