37 week bumpdate


First of all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We all had a GI bug, so not living our best life for Christmas weekend. Not too much has changed since my last bumpdate, honestly! Well, besides the fact that I’m scrambling last minute to do EVERYTHING. Typical me, I guess. We don’t have her room totally ready, we don’t have Cam in his new room, we don’t have a name totally decided on, neither of our bags are packed, the base isn’t in the car, etc. we are really a spectical over here.

37 week bumpdate//

cravings// Frosted Flakes and red grapes

aversions// not really

high or low// I thought I’ve always been low but quite a few people have been saying I’ve “dropped” lately, but I’m not sure what to make of that

gender// girl!

due date// January 19, 2018

packed// nope neither me or baby are packed because mamas a slacker. I did start washing things though so give credit where it’s due.

feeling// pretty darn good, all things aside

I still feel like I need a million more days to prepare things, but I’m trying to cram it into the next 3 weeks. I’m trying to clean out our “man cave” to start a playroom, transition Cam to his big boy room (that we JUST finished), and get baby girl’s room and dresser organized. I want to make the transition home as easy as possible, because I won’t have just one baby to care for- but 2! It’s scary. I want to be able to devote as much time and attention to Cam and his sister and not as much to the housework.

As for now, I really need to worry about packing our hospital bags! I will be blogging about it too because I’m only bringing essentials- no overpacking here! Stay tuned for that!


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