32 week bumpdate

Once again, another month goes by and I haven’t done a “bumpdate”. Some of you started asking why and honestly I just forgot! It’s been so busy around here with the holidays and BABY coming soon! Ahh! We are slowly getting things together around our house. It’s hard at the same time because I decorated for Christmas and will have to literally tear it all down so fast after, so that our house is fresh and clean and ready for baby girl mid-Jan. A couple of updates for you guys now!


weeks: 32 (actually I’m ringing in right around 33.5 now, but took these pictures around 32 weeks)

gender: GIRL

cravings: cereal. frosted flakes. at 10-11PM especially.

aversions: my meat aversion has come back slightly, but some days I’m ok with it

movements: she is so much more active than Cam! It might be because Cam was breech and she is not, but I have never felt these rib kicks before, it’s startling!

how i’m feeling: no nausea, super tired, terrible heartburn, and lots of pressure. I can’t really complain though, it’s been better than my pregnancy with Cam.

swelling: nope

weird dreams: sometimes, but not as much as I used to

delivery plans: as a nurse, I don’t really “believe” in birth plans, and I am a super unplanned/unorganized, last minute person, so I will just fly by the seat of my pants. Sorry, that’s all the info I’m giving!

name: pretty sure I get asked this daily. we’re tossing some around, but not decided and likely won’t be until delivery.

bag packed: HA! No. Absolutely not. But I do have an idea of what I will/ won’t need and will be making a ‘hospital bag essentials guide’ for all you mamas-to-be! I feel way more prepared to NOT overpack this time.

If you have other questions about our pregnancy progress, or bumpdates feel free to email me and I will answer!

We have slowly started making progress on baby girl’s room, which is so important to me! I am so glad we kept Cam’s nursery neutral “just in case”. It seriously makes it way easier for your second baby. We are moving Cam to a “big boy room” and letting the baby take his nursery. I am so nervous about this because so far, we have been super lucky with Cam sleeping so well. We were thinking about switching him to a toddler bed, but I honestly don’t know if he’s quite ready for that since he doesn’t understand the concept of staying in bed (whereas a crib forces him to). Not sure how this will pan out.. We did paint his new room, hang some decor, put out a rug, set up a toddler bed (which he LOVES to play in). Now we just need to buy a dresser, switch his clothes to new closet, and add some final touches. I will def do a reveal when it’s all ready, but I love it so far!

For baby girl’s room, we are keeping most of it the same as it was for Cam (paint, crib, changing table, etc). we just added new decor pieces for a very neutral “boho chic” vibe. I am loving how it is coming together! We will reveal that later on as well. Hope you enjoyed these updates and I will keep you all posted!

xx karrie

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