last halloween as a family of 3

Is it awful of me to say I’m so sad this is our last Halloween as a family of 3? Cam is getting to be such a fun age to trick or treat with and I feel that the years are just going to get better! It will be fun to add in our new addition for halloween, but I always secretly feel guilty at the same time. This year was a blast! We had my parents over for chili, drinks, and scary movies after trick or treating with Cam. Check out his amazing costume below!

I had fun decorating our bar cart this year and want to make sure I do it for Christmas as well- so stay tuned for that! I was going to order the bats pre-made off of etsy, but of course waited until the last minute so had to make them myself. I didn’t have black construction paper around, but had black cupcake tins, so I used those! I freehanded the bats using templates from the internet and it worked out. I wanted to do an entire bat wall, but did not have enough time for that, but it was fine! I made my “BOO” sign out of wooden banner pieces/ black and white string from Target, and wrote with black chalk. I think this was the perfect touch! I had a couple black and white drink stirrers and straws from target as well that I set out with the drinks. Super fun and easy, especially if you’re throwing a party or expecting guests!

The BEST part of the night was taking Cam out for some Halloween trick or treating. The responses we got about his costume were overwhelming so thank you! I think it was my absolute favorite kids costume (plus we are huge fans of the show). Check out his pictures below to see the REAL assistant to the manager.

We got all of his costume pieces from second hand stores (except his shoes we have from Target). His glasses are the frames to his aviators- I just popped the lenses out for the night. We printed the Dwight Schrute badge onto labels at my husband’s work and stuck it onto one of my old work badges. His briefcase also came from a second hand store. My dad cut an opening in the top of it for his candy as well- it worked out perfectly! Hope you all had an amazing Halloween!

Xx karrie

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