20 week bumpdate + what we’re having

So, I’m feeling better (usually)! So that’s a plus. I’ve still been super tired and didn’t get that second tri “burst of energy”- but I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m chasing around my WALKING/ RUNNING / JUMPING / CLIMBING toddler. Props to all moms, but especially moms with multiples. Exhausting. 

Baby Locher #2 is measuring great, and so far looking good. There were a couple things they couldn’t see on ultrasound due to the baby’s position, so we have to go back in 4 weeks so they can get the appropriate measurements. That’s really all that’s new! We did a “gender reveal” with my family while we were visiting with my brother in Arizona (see bumpdate below!)


weeks// 21 ish

cravings// MEXICAN and fries

aversions// all things grilled meat related (sorry to all the men in my family)

belly button// out and about

carrying high or low// low for sure

weird dreams// YES

movement// mostly low kicks, moves at night the most

sleeping position// honestly guys, I try so hard to not sleep on my belly or back. I have a pregnancy pillow and put it between my legs, lay on my side, prop with pillows before I fall asleep but always wake up on my belly or back #thuglife

ok, it’s a ………



We are still in shock about the gender. I went to have it looked at again because I just wasn’t convinced……still a girl! Any girl advice is appreciated- totally thought I’d be a boy mom for life! Seriously, none of my symptoms apply to the myths of “boy vs girl”. This pregnancy has been just like Cam’s with the sickness, carrying low, cravings and aversions, etc. all the exact same. CRAZY!

xx karrie

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