four easy steps for the perfect beach waves

hair finished waves

As you all know, I got my hair cut. This may not seem like a big deal, but it was HUGE for me. I have had long hair for as long as I can remember (I’m serious, like kindergarten). After having Cam my hair was falling out, dead, annoying, and being yanked constantly. I was over it. I never thought I would be brave enough, but I went in and told my hairdresser “just cut it off, I’m done”. So she did! Now, styling it has been so much fun!

I feel like my hair is so much easier to style. I loved having long hair because there is so much you can do with it, but I really needed this change. Don’t worry, I made sure it’s still long enough for my weekly (sometimes daily) topknots! I have noticed that my hair holds curl and product so much better since I got it cut. It’s easy to add so much volume, texture, and beach waves!

How I achieve my beach waves is so simple. There are only a couple of products you need to achieve this look

1>> Hair wand: about 1″ barrel, I found mine here (only $40!)

2>> Dry shampoo or all-in-one spray: can’t live without this one (I even keep it in my diaper bag!)

3>> Texturizing sea salt spray: I am always raving about this one, but also love this one

4>> Hair spray: gotta hold that style, girl! This one is my fave and smells amazing

curling hair wave

STEP 1: First, I start by spraying every layer of my hair with the dry shampoo or all-in-one spray. If your hair is like mine (fine, shiny, healthy) it is VERY hard to curl. Your hair NEEDS to have product and grit to grip onto in order for your curls to stay. Then, I section off my hair with a clip and use my wand on the bottom section first. Make sure to twist your hair away from your face, especially the front pieces. With beach waves, it’s ok to switch up the way you twist your hair on the wand to give it a more “separated” look. It is also very important that you leave about 1″ of hair at the bottom (do not twist it around the barrel). You want your ends to be straight. Go through and do each section of your hair (make sure to hairspray before moving onto the next section).

spraying hair wave

STEP 2: Next, once all my hair has been “curled”, I spray on my sea salt texturizing spray. This separates your hair to give it a more “beach-y”, textured, “piece-y” look. You need to lift your hair and spray it all over your layers, all over your head! Don’t be too overzealous though, a little goes a long way, and you don’t want to weigh your hair down. I LOVE this stuff. It always smells so good as well! This is a must have for sure.

finger through hair wave

STEP 3: Then, I will “piece apart” my hair from the inside, NOT the outside. It sounds so strange, but tilt your head to the side and use your fingers to piece apart your hair from the inside. I literally stick my hand there with hair between my fingers and shake it back and forth, NOT combing through it. When you finger-comb from the outside, it will cause your hair to group together and give more of a curled look. It won’t be piece-y or beach-y at this point. That is my little trick!

beach waves finished

STEP 4: Lastly, I touch up any stragglers and spray hair spray all over the place (for real). I then toss my all-in-one texture spray in my purse or diaper bag and go! Any time I need a little texture throughout the day, I will spray this throughout my hair to give it some life. It’s ahhhmazing. With this spray on and off, and a little touching up with my wand here and there, this hair style usually lasts me 3-4ish days and looks great even on the last day!

xx karrie


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