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So, the question I feel like I am constantly asked is: “how do you always keep your tennis shoes so clean?”. I love love love wearing tennis shoes. I think they’re cute + comfortable, plus I figured out how to style them with distressed denim and not look like a dweeb! 

When you’re a mom, it’s so important that you’re comfortable. I mean, seriously, what mom can run around all day in dresses and heels? Like, nope. Not happening. Cam’s not even old enough to walk yet and I still have to wear sneakers 75% of the time! I love pairing them with distressed denim, yoga pants, and leggings. I even like pairing them with casual dresses in the spring + fall. I will do a post about all of that another time!

My shoes get incredibly dirty so easily. I have two boxers that love to chase each other outside, get muddy paws, then step all over my feet. There you have it>>dirty shoes. I also have a baby that loves to fling food around on his spoon. Once again>> dirty shoes. Basically, my life’s a mess.

When it comes to cleaning anything, I always reach for my Oxi-Clean. That stuff works like a charm! I know people think I am crazy, but my secret to keeping my shoes so clean is>> my washing machine + Oxi Clean. Yep. I toss my sneaks in there with a towel or two, a Tide Pod, and a scoop of Oxi-Clean. And, you bet your bottom dollar I put them in the dryer too. It works! I’ve been doing it for years and it’s my tried and true method.

There you have it, clean sneaks for the week! Next time you’re out on a Target run, grab a bucket of the Oxi-Clean; you will not regret it!

xx karrie

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clean sneaks gold new balance


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