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I cannot begin to tell you how obsessed I am with these milk snob car seat covers. Not only can you use them on baby’s car seat + stroller, but they can be used as nursing covers + shopping cart covers too- so versatile!

These milk snob car seat covers are so soft, breathable, and stretchy>> so you can trust them keeping your baby comfortable, but not too stuffy in his/her little car seat. They have so many different patterns and colors to choose from. I chose this one, because it’s super neutral + I love how easily it can go with all of our outfits. I know, that sounds so ridiculous, but it makes sense in my mind.

We have used this cover so much over the past couple of months and especially love it during the colder fall + winter months. We have used it all three ways, but even use it as a play mat for Cam to lay on when we are out and about and I need to set him down. It’s super handy, stores easily, and is completely worth it! I really do feel that this is an essential that any + all moms need. Mamas-to-be take note! This is a perfect baby shower gift for friends and loved ones too.

What is your favorite mom + baby accessory?

xx karrie

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