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As many of you know, my pregnancy with Cam was far from perfect. I was extremely sick for the first 15 weeks (when I say extremely, I mean I had to go to the hospital a couple times for IV fluids), along with battling gestational diabetes and oligohydraminos (low amniotic fluid).

Cam was also breech from about 20 weeks on, which pointed me right in the direction of a C-Section. You guys, I was so upset. I had so many friends that were pregnant at the same time as me and it seemed that they all had the most blissful pregnancies. Mine was hard, and I felt alone. But, let me tell you, I have learned so much about what my body can handle; and I realized that I am such a strong woman! I would go through this all over again for Cam. Why is there such a stigma against pregnant women? It’s sad that we make each other feel awful about everything, especially things we cannot control. I’m not saying to do everything I did, but don’t judge each other, mamas! There is no perfect pregnancy, and I don’t know why society makes it seem that there is. You’re growing a human. I think that’s pretty perfect.

We lucked out because even though my pregnancy was difficult, God rewarded us with a REALLY good baby>>this dude slept through the night since 6 weeks old (you can be a little jealous)! There is always something good in something bad. It may take a while to make itself known, but there really is a silver lining in everything. Cam is the most unexpected, but most precious gift we have ever received!

xx karrie

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pregnancy maternity gown

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